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Zaher Talab

Digital Technology Content Writer

Over long years from childhood, I was fascinated with everything related to computers, programming, software, and the internet web.

With a wide range of various IT experiences and knowledge, in addition to medical and history writing background, you have the magic recipe, and you can trust the result you wish.

As a bilingual Arabic and English writer, I’ve been featured on many websites and companies, Fusionauth, Geekflare, Webwash, Brains Valley, Altibbi,  Sotor, Opensooq, and others.

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Copying Digital give you what you need from many available choices:

User Technical Writing: make any complex technical topic or some problem to become simple to understand and fix by the end user.

Technical Marketing Writing: advertise your technical product or service either for consumer B2C and for business B2B.

Complex Technical Writing:  which about in-depth topics for developers and experts in many fields, such as System Administration, Web Hosting, WordPress, Html, CSS, Python, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Blockchain.

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